Coins for Community 2022


Fenton Chester Arena – $8068.91

Your donations will:

  • Help with facility improvements
  • Offset costs for youth programs and other activities
  • Provide affordable recreation opportunities for all ages


Lyndon’s Covered Bridges

Sanborn Covered Bridge is loved by locals and visitors alike. Its unique architectural style gives it historical significance. As “The Covered Bridge Capital of the NEK”, many Lyndonites equate covered bridges with the town’s identity. The Town has renewed its commitment to revitalizing the five covered bridges and recognizes Sanborn Covered Bridge as the bridge that has the power to transform Lyndon into a vibrant place where locals and visitors come to play, work, and live.

Coins for Community this month will support the Sanborn CB revitalization effort. Your contributions will be used to leverage grant funding that requires a matching contribution from the community. Your donations will also be used for smaller projects that freshen up the bridges, such as the holiday wreaths that are on the bridges now. Those small gestures are a way to show the community at large that we all care about these bridges.

Please visit the Town of Lyndon website for more information about the covered bridges and for opportunities to get involved with fundraising, small volunteer projects, and idea generating for placemaking activities at the bridge sites.

Thank you for rounding up to support the Sanborn Covered Bridge revitalization project!