2023 Coins for Community Organization Voting

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Organization Info

The Community Restorative Justice Center

The Community Restorative Justice Center offers restorative programs and resources to help resolve disputes, reduce crime, and repair harm to those who have been affected by crime. Working in partnership with over 80 dedicated community volunteers, law enforcement, businesses, schools and others, we seek to repair harm to victims, restore safety to homes, schools and the communities we serve, hold responsible parties accountable for past actions and assist them to engage in healthier decision making. We offer the following services: Monthly legal clinic, Mediation services, Reparative Boards, Training for Reparative Justice in Schools, Reparative Panels to resolve certain crimes, the Safe Driving Program, Circles of Support and Accountability, Transitional Housing and Victim Support Services.

More information is available at: www.communityrjc.org

Funds received will be split between Victim Support Services and Transitional Housing needs.


Founded in 1976, Umbrella’s mission is to cultivate a Northeast Kingdom where all people thrive free from abuse and oppression. We will meet our organization’s mission by engaging in the following organizational strategies, described below.

Social Change focusses on prevention education and initiatives in schools and in the community that aim towards preventing gender-based violence, substance abuse prevention and creating a community where oppression is acknowledged and addressed. One of our strategies is to provide pathways for girls to work within this social change and prevention field through the Youth In Power Program.

Advocacy Program serves survivors of domestic and sexual violence, stalking, teen dating violence, as well as violence related to gender or sexual orientation. In our work, the client leads and we support them in any way they need us to including legal advocacy, housing advocacy, support with parenting after trauma and more.

Family Based Services focus on child-care and strengthening family relationships. Kingdom Child Care Connection (KCCC) assists families in the St. Johnsbury district to receive subsidized childcare, appropriate child care referrals and specialized childcare placement support. The Family Room offers supervised visitation for families throughout the Northeast Kingdom.

Economic Empowerment serves women with significant barriers to employment in Orleans and Northern Essex Counties. Our Corncuopia program, and our social enterprise, Dolcetti each wrap around women to support them in building job readiness skills while helping them to address challenges in their lives so they are able to move towards financial self-sufficiency. The funds will be used to support our work with children and youth within our communities. Funds will support prevention education in elementary, middle and high schools.

The Vermont Children’s Theater

The Vermont Children’s Theater is a free summer theater program for children and teens from all over the NEK. Every child or teen who auditions is included in one of three casts, which present their productions to the community during the month of July. Our goal is to provide a safe place for children and teens to stretch their creativity, build confidence, and foster friendships, while improving empathy, teamwork, literacy, communication, and problem solving. These skills not only contribute to the well-being of our young people now, but benefit them far into the future.

At the Vermont Children’s Theater, we intentionally keep show ticket prices low so that our community can easily enjoy the experience of live theater.  Ticket sales and concessions generally cover less than three-quarters of the cost of running our program.  The VCT board is all volunteer run; thus, there are no administrative costs. However, we do pay our directors and have numerous operating expenses, including royalties, scripts, insurance, electricity, and phone, along with very limited set and costume budgets.  In order to offer this program free to all children and teens who participate, we rely on volunteers, sponsorships, sales of advertising spaces in our programs, grants (when available), and donations.  Funds from Coins for Community would specifically help us pay for the royalties and fees associated with securing shows for our casts to perform, as well as the cost of buying scripts for all cast members and music for pit players.  Any excess funds would help us purchase additional items needed for the production, such as costume pieces (that we don’t already have), props, and set-building materials.  

The Lyndon State College Foundation

The Lyndon State College Foundation was established in 1980 with the goal of connecting the community with the college and to involve the community in support of the college. The Foundation has long recognized the limited State funding of the College, resulting in higher tuition. For 41 years community members have served on the foundation raising funds in support of the college and providing scholarships to students from the Northeast Kingdom who attend Lyndon.

As a community-base private, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization we operate to receive, hold, invest and administer property, and to make expenditures to or for the benefit of the college. Our current focus is to raise the money for scholarships for NEK students attending the Lyndon Campus of the Northern Vermont University. This is our way of providing them an affordable local option for college while also contributing to the economy of the area. In addition, many of these students graduate and work in the Northeast Kingdom providing additional vibrancy to the area.” “The LSC Foundation raises funds to give scholarships to Northeast Kingdom students attending the LYNDON campus of Northern Vermont University. Currently, the LSCF Scholarship fund gives $18,000 per year to the college to distribute among 9 students, $2000 each.

Another scholarship program aimed at students graduating from 10 Northeast Kingdom high schools who decide to attend NVU provides $2,500 per student. The most recent round of high school graduates (Class of 2021) who received the scholarship were Jeffrey Blais from North Country High School, Alexander Hume from Lyndon Institute, Robert Wood from St. J. Academy, Jacob Baesemann from Danville High School and Annalise Collins from Lake Region High School.

The foundation has already reached out to area high schools to encourage guidance counselors to help select the right high school senior from the Class of 22 to receive the gift to further their education at the local university.

Northeast Kingdom Human Services

Northeast Kingdom Human Services’ mission is to empower individuals, families, and communities by promoting hope, healing, and support. Our professional employees work toward this mission every day by offering confidential program services that are client centered, and trauma-informed. We provide access to psychiatry, case management, therapy, vocational supports, school-based counseling, and 24/7 emergency mental health crisis support in our offices and in communities in the Northeast Kingdom. Employees are also involved with community partnerships, offering QPR Gatekeeper training for suicide prevention and awareness, Mental Health First Aid, Youth Mental Health First Aid, parenting trainings, and consultations. NKHS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency designated by the State of Vermont’s system of care. It is our responsibility to assure a comprehensive range of services are available for the priority populations of adults with serious and persistent mental illness, children and adolescents with severe emotional disturbances (SED), and people of all ages with developmental/intellectual disability challenges. NKHS professionals have been serving the mental health needs in the Northeast Kingdom since 1960. Find us at https://www.nkhs.org and on social media.

We would use the funds raised through Coins for Community for special community mental health wellness activities at no cost to participants of all ages.

Lyndon Youth Football

Lyndon Youth Football is a program that serves local youth, from grades 4 to 8, in establishing football skills, teamwork and self growth. Lyndon Youth Football rosters approximately 60-70 players each year. Using the principles set forth by USA Football, our program focuses on the safe practices of learning how to properly use football skills while learning the game. Our younger players work on learning skills, guided by our certified coaches, in a safe, yet fun manner. Our older players build on the foundation of skills with each season to again, learn the proper and safe way to tackle opponents. Our program runs from mid-August to early November with practices occurring 4-5 days a week with games played on the weekends for 4th-6th grades and 7th-8th grades versus teams from the NEK. In 2021, our 7th-8th team won the Division II State Championship.

Our program teaches players how to be a better team player, how to communicate effectively with teammates and coaches, and give them the tools to be a better student and citizen. Our players are student athletes, with focus on their education first and foremost and an athlete as their second role on the team. We hold them to high standards with weekly check-ins with their teachers and parents to make sure their studies are up to standards. We work alongside local trainers to demonstrate the importance of exercise, hydration, and good nutrition with sessions provided by trainers.

Lyndon Youth Football has been an important feeder program to both Lyndon Institute and St. Johnsbury Academy, putting forth some of the most successful student athletes for each school. We strive to do better each year and our program is an important facet to the youth in our community. We would appreciate support from the community in which we serve.

Funds would be utilized for equipment to maintain safety amongst our players. Our goal for this season is to replace a majority of our helmets for players; helmets are specifically designed for youth and cost approximately $175.00 each. Shoulder pads, knee protection, game day gear are also items that are frequently replaced as necessary.

The St. Johnsbury History & Heritage Center

The St. Johnsbury History & Heritage Center, a nonprofit organization, acquires and preserves historic collections and conducts purposeful educational programs that interpret the rich heritage of St. Johnsbury, Vermont. The Center’s primary focus is to preserve the valuable collections while promoting history education for all of St. Johnsbury’s students. The Center’s educational vision is to inspire an appreciation of St. Johnsbury’s history and traditions and to build a historical foundation and understandings of our collective past for our community’s future leaders.

We are fortunate to have a large collection, but we have reached capacity and we still have many important items to display and changes that we need to make to allow all of our neighbors to enjoy this collection. We have designed a new building to house some of our large pieces, such as pillars salvaged from Notre Dame des Victoires and a bell and stove from the St. J. and L.C. Railroad. To build this structure, we are embarking on a fundraising effort and would thoroughly appreciate the community’s generosity towards our goal.

Lyndonville Rotary Club

Lyndonville Rotary’s mission is to provide service to others, promote high ethical standards, and advance community understanding, goodwill and peace through its fellowship of business, professional and community leaders. The Lyndonville Rotary Club aspires to be a viable resource to help meet the needs of our local community. All monies raised are invested back into the local community, to help support many local nonprofits and community programs. Here are just some of the community programs that Rotary has donated to in the past: Caledonia County Fair, Caledonian Record-LEARN, Cobleigh Library Bookmobile, Early Promise Scholarship-LSC, Girls Hockey, Green Mountain Council-Boys State, Hand to Hand, HOPE, Kingdom All Stars, LAYHA, Lyndon Chamber, Lyndon Institute, Lyndon Meal Site, Lyndon Town School, Lyndon Youth Football, Med Quest, Northeast Kingdom Animal Shelter, Northeast Kingdom Foster & Adoptive Parent Association, Northeast Kingdom Youth Services, Polar Express, Powers Park, PROSPER, RYLA, Santa Fund, Shear Sensations-Thanksgiving Dinner, Stars and Stripes, Thaddeus Stevens School

The Friends of Dog Mountain

The Friends of Dog Mountain mission is to steward and sustain the 150-acre Dog Mountain property in Vermont as a unique national treasure that honors the healing power of “dogs, nature, love, and art,” and to preserve and celebrate the important artistic contributions of Dog Mountain’s iconic creator, Stephen Huneck. Friends of Dog Mountain (FODM) is a nonprofit organization established in the spring of 2015 by friends and family of the late American artists Stephen & Gwen Huneck. We believe the 150-acre property known as Dog Mountain deserves to be restored and stewarded as an historic, cultural, and artistic treasure of national importance. Stephen Huneck considered the entirety of Dog Mountain—the ponds, trails, wildflower meadows, vistas, Dog Chapel, and other features—to be his ultimate artistic achievement.We aim to fulfill the Hunecks’ vision of creating a place of heartfelt experience and deep healing through nature, love, art, and pets. As an internationally recognized and celebrated destination attracting tens of thousands of visits annually, we appreciate that Dog Mountain is a uniquely compelling destination for dog lovers and their families seeking to celebrate and honor their profound relationships and shared lives together.We believe the Hunecks’ joyous artistic creations are important contributions to American Folk Art. We seek to preserve and curate Stephen’s woodcut prints, sculptures, furniture, and other inspired creations—such as the Dog Chapel—for future generations to enjoy. We understand and appreciate that Dog Mountain is a valued economic and community partner contributing to the health and vitality of the region. We seek to collaborate with local municipalities, businesses, and other area nonprofits to develop Dog Mountain and our programmatic offerings in order to benefit the local communities and economies of St. Johnsbury and the Northeast Kingdom of VT. ” In addition to general operations, funds will be used to restore and enhance Dog Mountain as a public space that brings people, dogs, and art together as a place of healing, reflection, and celebration. We will use the funds to help renovate historic structures (such as the barn and Dog Chapel), restore the outdoor art, improve infrastructure, and develop the land-base in a manner that will further enhance Dog Mountain as a resource for public use in the NEK.”

Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity in the Northeast Kingdom

Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity in the Northeast Kingdom [NEK Habitat] is a local sub-affiliate of the Upper Valley (UV) Habitat affiliate office. We have an office in St Johnsbury and are guided by our own Board of Directors who are supported by several committees. Since 2007, we have helped people build or repair their homes in all three counties of the Northeast Kingdom.

Habitat for Humanity works in partnership with people everywhere, from all walks of life, to develop communities with people in need by building and renovating houses, so that there are warm, safe, decent houses in our communities in which families can live and thrive. Habitat does not discriminate in welcoming volunteers or in choosing partner families. Habitat volunteers are invited and homeowners are chosen without regard to race, religion or ethnic group, marital status, or sexual orientation.

Supporting Habitat International’s goal of eliminating poverty housing from the world, NEK Habitat for Humanity has worked on 145 homes in 14 years, serving over 300 people. In 2021 alone, and despite COVID-19, we served families in Newport Center, Danville, Greensboro Bend, St. Johnsbury, Hardwick and Lyndonville.” ” Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity in the Northeast Kingdom [NEK Habitat] is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit. NEK Habitat has one paid staff person; all other positions in our local organization are filled by volunteers. Because NEK Habitat must raise all of its own support, our work is only possible because of faithful and committed donors. Funds raised are used for the support of our building program “”Critical Home Repair”” which includes training and equipping volunteers, and purchasing building materials for all of our planned projects. In 2022, we hope to raise enough funds to be able to expand our capacities, and reach more homeowners in need.

Kiwanis Club of St. Johnsbury – Kiwanis Pool

Kiwanis helps kids around the world. The St. Johnsbury Kiwanis Club maintains and operates the Kiwanis Pool in St. Johnsbury, a free public pool that offers swim lessons and swim time to upwards of 600 area children. Funds will be used for general operation of the pool facilities.

Caring for the Heart New England Our organization offers free counseling services to individuals, couples, and families in northeastern Vermont and northeastern New Hampshire. The funds would be used to offer additional counseling to more families. Finds would also help to improve our technical equipment to offer on-line counseling also.

St. Johnsbury Baseball & Softball

St. Johnsbury Baseball & Softball provides organized youth recreation from April-October, serving nearly 300 local area youth and their families. We operate the only fall baseball and softball programs in Caledonia County. Our current facility includes the maintenance and groundskeeping of five ball fields in two St. Johnsbury locations (Legion Field and Leonard Field). We also host St. Johnsbury’s youth football program. Coins for Community funds will be used to replace the backstop and netting on the Babe Ruth diamond at Legion Field. This is part of a larger on-going renovation of all St. Johnsbury Baseball and Softball fields.

Neighbors in Action

Neighbors in Action’s mission (formerly Faith in Action) is to serve food insecure community members, offer socially enriching programs, and advance opportunities to increase self-sufficiency in the communities of the Northeast Kingdom and Washington County while deploying the neighbors-helping-neighbors volunteer model to instill hope and leave an enduring impact. In 2021, Neighbors in Action distributed 2,224 boxes of food to community members in need from the 101 Main Street location in Lyndonville. Neighbors in Action also provides healthy eating resources, socialization opportunities and programming, and pathways to self-sufficiency. An example is the distribution of 200 senior care bags during the holidays delivered to home-bound community members.

Funds will be utilized to support food purchases and supplies for activities. In particular, the Healthy Family Cooking program needs funding to pay for herbs and fresh vegetables for meal kits that include all the supplies and recipes for healthy meal preparation. By supporting community members who are learning to eat healthily and cook, Neighbors in Action is working to improve the overall health of our community.

St. Johnsbury Meals on Wheels

We are St. Johnsbury Meals on Wheels. Serving the greater St. J area including Waterford, East St. Johnsbury, Passumpsic. We home cook and package our hot nutritional meals in the St. J House daily. In 2021 we provide 39,816 meals to the most vulnerable in our community. Individuals receive a hot meal Monday through Friday with 2 frozen meal to help with the weekend. This incredible task was accomplished by 3 paid staff and 24 volunteers If we are chosen to be a community partners ,all of the cash donation we receive will be applied to the food budget. The average meals cost is 7.50 per meal, the average donation from our recipients is 75 cents.

The Cobleigh Library Bookmobile

The Cobleigh Library Bookmobile is the outreach arm of the Cobleigh Library. It travels around the Northeast Kingdom bringing books, storytimes, and events for daycares, afterschool programs, senior centers, and others who can’t always make it to the library. The bookmobile is entirely funded by grants and donations. The funds raised will be used to help keep the bookmobile on the road, delivering the library to people around the Northeast Kingdom.

NEK Council on Aging

The NEK Council on Aging serves older and disabled residents in Caledonia, Orleans and Essex Counties of Vermont. We are focused on finding new directions for our older Vermonters to live well, their way. We are committed to providing person-centered care and lifestyle options that inform, encourage, inspire, and support older adults as they take steps to focus on lifelong learning, active lifestyles, and healthy aging.

The funds will be used to support our Fuel Assistance Fund, a fund that provides assistance to NEK elders for their fuel bills.

Shares Corporation

Shares Corporation Shares Corporation is a 501C3 non profit organization that assists the homeless population of the NEK. We are located in Lyndonville in the Village Center located at 45 Depot Street. We assist the homeless population by offering brown bag lunches, clothing, personal hygiene items and other daily necessities to get through another day. We assist anyone who contacts us but our primary area of focus is the towns of St. Johnsbury, Lyndon, Sheffield, Burke Wheelock but also the entire NEK of Vermont. You can find us online at www.sharescorporation.com These funds would be used to purchase items needed by the homeless population in the NEK. We would also be purchasing food for brown bag lunch’s and other dietary needs for the population that we serve.

Burke Senior Meal Site

Burke Senior Meal Site offers hot meals to approximately 60 seniors on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays as well as frozen meal on the weekends. We service the towns of Burke, Newark and Sutton. We are a non profit organization that strives to feed and allow our senior friends a chance to socialize. We would use these funds to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables as well us other nutritious foods that meet the dietary requirements of our senior population.

Catamount Arts

For more than 40 years, Catamount Arts has worked to make the arts a fundamental part of community life. The only full-service arts center in northeastern Vermont, Catamount Arts has grown to be the cultural, entertainment, and arts home for 40,000 visitors each year.

Our mission is to inspire appreciation of and participation in the Arts, promote the Arts throughout the region, and cultivate the Arts as an integral part of community life. Our vision is to serve as the Community Arts Organization and Box Office for the region, acting as an essential force for the Arts and enhancing the cultural climate of communities throughout Northeastern Vermont and Northwestern New Hampshire.

Since our humble beginnings as a traveling film presenter in 1975, Catamount Arts offers foreign, independent, and classic films; exhibitions by local and regional artists; live music, dance, and theater performances; summer camps and arts education programming for children; a regional box office for more than 40 organizations; and a gathering space for community events.

We’re also the proud producers of the KCP Presents Performing Arts Series, bringing world-class professional performances to Vermont’s rural Northeast Kingdom; First Night North, the only family-friendly, alcohol-free New Year’s Eve performing arts festival in Vermont; the EPIC Music Program and the Levitt AMP St. Johnsbury Music Series.

The funds received from this coins for community round up program will go to support our Levitt AMP St. Johnsbury Music Series at Dog Mountain. The series, which features 10 or more concerts during the summer months, began in the summer of 2017 and has had strong community support and attendance every year since — with the exception of 2020 when we had to cancel the series due to the covid-19 pandemic. In the summer of 2022, community members can expect to attend concerts featuring national and global artists of all genres on late Sunday afternoons throughout the summer months up at Dog Mountain. Community members will also be delighted to hear that we are expanding our “”getdowntown”” events (associated with the summer concert series that began during the fall of 2020) in downtown St. Johnsbury — more information coming soon! Thank you for your support!

The Sheffield Food Pantry

The Sheffield Food Pantry serves a 20 mile radius around Sheffield, distributing over 60,000 pounds of food a year!

Funds are used towards the purchase of food to be distributed within our service area

Northeast Kingdom Preschool and Childcare (NEKPC)

Northeast Kingdom Preschool and Childcare (NEKPC) provides safe, affordable, and high-quality early childhood education and care where learning begins with play. NEKPC recognizes the uniqueness of each child and the importance of learning through play in the lives of children. NEKPC, working in partnership with their incredible teachers, families, and community, are committed to providing early childhood education and care within an environment that fosters successful growth and development of every child.

Funds will be dedicated toward classroom supplies. Each classroom provides a child-centered environment with a wide range of materials and developmentally appropriate activities which allow children to create, manipulate, explore, and discover according to their particular and unique interests.

Kingdom Trail Association (KT)

Kingdom Trail Association (KT) is a nonprofit trail organization based in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont that provides recreation and education opportunities for local residents and visitors while working to conserve natural resources and create economic stimulation. KT delivers its mission by partnering with landowners, local businesses, government agencies and other non-profit organizations to create and manage inclusive outdoor recreation opportunities that is accessible to people of all abilities and identities through membership. Funds will be dedicated to the KT Ambassador Program. KT, through our Trail Ambassadors, strives to increase trail user engagement and education, share our code of conduct Ride With Gratitude and Leave No Trace policies, plus inform users they are on private property and to be respectful. Ambassadors are stationed at key trailheads and parking areas, on foot and bike, making strategic rounds throughout the network holding trail users accountable.

The Satellite Gallery

We are a local art gallery and community space providing enrichment classes and exposure to local artists for the community of Lyndonville and beyond. With our partner organization, Lyndon Downtown Revitalization Corp. we opened this gallery in 2019. We have been responsible for funding and organizing community created murals for the town. We have been responsible for funding and organizing the Lantern Festival in bandstand Park for 4 years. We have used the Satellite Gallery space for local dinners, meeting, events and classes for the community. We have held full gallery art shows featuring student work from Kingdom East schools.

We have created an attractive and stimulating corner on Depot street open to all.

The Satellite Gallery would use the funds provided by the Coins for Community to enhance our class offerings with visiting artists. We would weatherize the building windows so that our heat would be regulated. We would develop the outdoor green space adjoining the building by making a small sculpture park with community garden beds for edible plants and vegetables. We would take the Satellite concept and branch out and do more events in the park and around town.

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 30 Lyndon VT

We are the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 30 Lyndon VT who are members of the American Legion Family whose mission is helping Veterans in our community that we can. Our Juniors member of the Auxiliary also help with missions that involve the Veterans.

The junior members of Unit 30 are going on a mission to Baltimore in March. We are trying to raise money for their round-trip transportation along with their lodging and the mission itself. We would love to be able to say these juniors were able to attend this mission with the help of Coins for Community Organization.

The Lyndon Outing Club

The Lyndon Outing Club is a volunteer run board on board which maintains Shonyo Park. We offer quality, affordable outdoor recreation year round. We will be installing a small bike park this summer and looking to install snowmaking in the next few years. We also maintain the lodge and make it available for community use. We partner with Kingdom East schools to provide winter programming and NVU uses is as a classroom. These funds would be earmarked for match funds for snowmaking efforts.

Kingdom Animal Shelter

Kingdom Animal Shelter is a limited access, all volunteer, non-profit certified 501(c) (3), animal rescue organization. Our mission is to facilitate the placement of rescued, abandoned, abused or neglected animals in safe, life-long homes. We respect the inherent value of every animal in our care and we strive to prevent overpopulation and cruelty to animals.

All of the funds are used for the operation of the shelter including food, litter, and medical needs of the animals that we bring in the shelter.

Lyndon Area Food Shelf

Lyndon Area Food Shelf has remained open throughout the Covid pandemic and the numbers fed is growing every month.

We rely totally on donations and volunteers yet pay rent and insurance, etc also.

The funds will be gratefully used to provide ongoing services!

Powers Park

Village Improvement Society/Powers Park is right in the heart of Lyndonville and has served area communities for over 105 years. Our mission is to provide fun, affordable, and healthy recreation opportunities for local children and families and to promote physical activity and the arts in a safe and convenient outdoor setting. We ensure that all enrolled children are provided with high-quality swim and tennis instruction. Annually, we serve approximately 400 children from Lyndon and the surrounding towns, and employ approximately 15 local youth as lifeguards, recreational instructors, and aides. The park is also open to the public year-round from dusk until dawn and includes tennis courts, a pump track, a pavilion, a basketball court, a playground, and grass fields.

The funds from coins for community will go towards current fundraising efforts to add new features to the park including an accessible and inclusive playground, outdoor fitness area, and other recreational opportunities.

Caring for the Heart of New England

Our organization offers free counseling services to individuals, couples, and families in northeastern Vermont and northeastern New Hampshire

The funds would be used to offer additional counseling to more families. Finds would also help to improve our technical equipment to offer on-line counseling also.